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What is all the buzz about E3?

The E3

What is all the buzz about E3?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, often referred to as E3, is one of the World’s largest events showcasing computer, video games and related products. E3 brings together the world’s best developers, publishers, and hardware manufacturers, to display the hottest upcoming games and innovative new technologies in the entertainment industry.


First held in 1995, E3 has evolved over the years to include industry executives, gamers, social media superstars and many others, who assist in increasing exposure to the gaming industry. The Expo is usually held in late May or early June at the Los Angeles Convention Center.



Who Attends?


According to the Electronic Entertainment Expo’s official web page, a number of leading gaming and video companies, in addition to media industry analysts, business partners and gamers from over 100 companies will attend the 2018 edition of the expo. They also welcome entrepreneurs, lead streamers and other online influencers. Others include:


Software Developers

Buyers and Retailers





Researchers & Educators





When is E3?


E3 will be held June 12-14, 2018, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Who can we look forward to?


The E3 2018 press conference schedule is as follows:

  • EA – June 9 at 11am PT/ 7pm BST
  • Microsoft– June 10 at 1pm PT/ 9pm BST
  • Bethesda– June 10 at 6.30 pm PT/ 2.30 am BST
  • Ubisoft – June 11 at 1pm PT/ 9pm BST
  • Square Enix – June 11 at 10am PT/ 6pm BST
  • Sony– June 11 at 6pm PT/ 2am BST
  • Nintendo– June 12 at  9am PT/ 5pm BST


Stay tuned to our blog for more updates as we cover E3.








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