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The BlackBerry Key2 keeps the keyboard Alive

Two BlackBerry phones

The BlackBerry Key2 keeps the keyboard Alive

Blackberry have made return to the fray with their latest smartphone, the Key2. What’s special about this phone? Well, it has a physical keyboard and carries three cameras!



TCL, the Chinese manufacturer, announced on Thursday their latest smartphone, which comes equipped with dual cameras, a large display, and most notably a keyboard. It follows the design of KeyOne, except the top bezel is slimmed down and the size of the keys increased. A cool feature of this phone is that the keys are backlit, causing them to disappear when inactive, making the screen appear bigger than it is.


Let’s take a closer look.




The blackberry comes in two colours.


Black Phones



Or Black and silver


It features a 4.5-inch LCD display above a full physical keyboard.


It features a new key, the Speed Key, which is a dedicated shortcut key allowing users to quickly switch between apps. Press and hold it down and press the letter you assigned to an app- like “F” for Facebook or “Y” for YouTube.

The keyboard’s space bar also functions as a fingerprint sensor.






The Key2 comes with a stylish 12-megapixel dual rear camera.  The camera allows for multi-frame capture, optical zoom, and has portrait mode. It also has a built in Google Lens, allowing for use of Google’s visual search engine without the need for a third-party app.


An 8-megapixel front-facing camera is strategically placed allowing the phone’s screen to function as a selfie flash.




Key2 comes with two storage options; 64-GB or 128-GB. This is an improvement on the KeyOne, which was only available in 32GB or 64GB.





More Cool Stuff


  • BlackBerry Key2 runs Android 8.1 Oreo, but features a lot of BlackBerry software as well
  • Comes with added security due to an app called DTEK, which alerts users to any suspicious activities on device
  • It has a headphone jack (No need for all the add-on s)
  • The Key2 will provide more than a day worth of battery life, as claimed by its Manufacturers.



The CompTECHS Verdict:


The Key2 is in keeping with BlackBerry’s push to be stay true to its roots. It checks all boxes on security and privacy, and the three cameras come at an excellent price. Apart from losing out with a slightly below par processor, the Key2 is a perfect buy for die-hard BlackBerry users.

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