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We’ll look at the big picture and give you a complete diagnosis for not just the symptoms you’re experiencing, but for all the problems your device is having. There’s no guesswork here, we’ll run real diagnostic tests to give you a real (and accurate) problem diagnosis.
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We provide services to Micro, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.

Computer Diagnostics and Repair

Computers like other electronics eventually suffer failures and cease to function normally. Trust our expert technical staff at CompTECHS to diagnose the PC, whether hardware or software, and nurse it back to full functionality. Before you dispose, let us diagnose!

Network Installation

CompTECHS currently provides Data and Voice cabling services to citizens across the region. Our specialists guarantee work with the perfect blend of efficiency and excellent workmanship. Allow us to cable your premises efficiently and within budget.


Surveillance Camera Installation and Support

In our current climate of burglaries and break-ins, it is imperative that businesses and homes are protected. In order to achieve this, CompTECHS provides the installation of camera, cabling and other equipment necessary to keep an eye on your premises in your absence.

Server Installation and Support

If you require a new server or are upgrading an old, allow CompTECHS to walk you every step of the way. Our staff will carry out preliminary assessments, and then make a recommendation which is in keeping with the business requirements. CompTECHS will procure the equipment and install in a timely manner.


Data Backup and Recovery

Important documents, cherished photos, and loved songs can all be lost with a click of a button. Hard dive malfunction and viruses are two entities which could result in the instant loss of data. As a form of protection, rely on CompTECHS to safely back up your data and regain your peace of mind. CompTECHS houses data locally and employs a number of techniques to achieve redundancy in order to recover any data in case of data loss.

Website Design and Hosting

For Small to Medium enterprises, a website may be all the difference between a successful business and a failing one. CompTECHS therefore boasts a team of expert designers and web developers who aim to provide these companies with a distinct footprint on the web. Allow CompTECHS to provide you with the website of your dreams and promote your brand!


Software Training

So you purchased new software with the assistance of CompTECHS but have no idea to use it. What do you do? CompTECHS offers software training on all software sold from our shelves. Trust our experts to take you from zero to deployment in no time.

Computer and Accessories Sale

CompTECHS guarantees the most affordable procurement of computer hardware and software at the highest quality. Monitors, system units, Keyboards, Mice and other peripheries can be purchased separately or utilize our ‘Build It Yourself’ Program to customize the computer of your dreams.


Remote Assistance

Our staff utilizes the most sophisticated technology for remote support of our clients systems in order to solve issues as soon as they develop.