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Google’s Data-Saving App gets an Upgrade

Two Phones and Datally

Google’s Data-Saving App gets an Upgrade

Last year November, Google launched a data-saving app, Datally. The app that allows users to monitor, save and gain control of their data. Datally shows which apps are consuming the most data, the times when usage is most, and suggest means for cutting down data use, in addition to recommending nearest WI-FI networks.





New Features


  • A cool new feature is the introduction of Daily Limits, allowing users to control data usage on daily basis. It aims to help the conservation data over time so that it does not run out before the cycle ends. This feature is in keeping with Google’s push to provide users with more insights into their behaviour when using mobile devices.


  • A time management feature for Android users and new features help users silence their phones as they prepare to go to bed. It also allows parents to limit screen time for their children. Although the push of the app is conserve data, Google have acknowledged that it is understandable users are often ‘lost’ in their phones.


  • Guest mode, which allows control of how much data someone else is able to use on your phone. This will be perfect for situations where phones are shared in households or offices and adds a level of accountability.


  • Unused apps‘ is another one of the most interesting new features. This highlights apps which are no longer in use but could possibly be consuming data in the background. Google reported that for many users, 20% of mobile data is consumed by apps that haven’t been opened in over a month. This feature will identify these apps so that they may be uninstalled.


  • Finally, a new Wi-Fi Map will show users nearby networks with a good signal so that they may cease using their mobile data.



Datally rolled out the features earlier this week.

Check out at the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.freighter&hl=en_US

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