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5 MUST have Free Apps for iPhone in 2018

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5 MUST have Free Apps for iPhone in 2018

After doing our Top 5 Free Apps list for Android, we received a huge amount of feedback from our followers, many asking about apps for iPhone. Since we understand that many may feel left out, we decided to round up the Top 5 Must have Free apps for iPhone in 2018. As with some Android apps, many apps in the App Stores are free but come with the option of a paid subscription.



Top 5 Free iPhone Apps in 2018


1.    Timepage


Timepage is a smart calendar that boosts productivity by combining events, maps, contacts and weather into one easy app. It allows users to see an entire week at a glance and scroll ahead to see what’s upcoming. It also includes a fully adjustable week calendar, that can show between five and ten days. Timepage comes with a month ‘heatmap’, which shows when a user is busy and free. Finally, users can personalize their calendar with a number of theme colours to their liking.


2.    LastPass Password Manager


LastPass is a password vault that allows users to store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, track personal information in photo and audio notes and more. Remember one LastPass master password, and LastPass auto fills web browser and app logins for you. LastPass can also safely store passwords and make them accessible across all devices. It is perfect for document storage and workplace security.


3.    SwiftKey Keyboard


SwiftKey is a smart keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that learns from users. It replaces the device’s built-in keyboard with one that adapts to user patterns of typing. SwiftKey learns the writing style of users and produces very accurate autocorrect and intelligent next-word prediction. This reduces the number of keystrokes a user must produce and gets smarter as use increases. SwiftKey also comes with a host of features that make typing easier, including multilingual typing, swipe typing, and support for over 800 emojis.


Check out our article on this app here.


4.    Bear

Bear is a flexible note-taking and writing app that is perfectly suited to making quick notes, doodles, poetry, or even snippets of code. It features a focus mode that helps users concentrate, and a markup editor supports up to 20 different languages. Bear can instantly search all your notes and can also focus on specific things with its ‘Search Triggers’ feature.


5.    PhotoScan


PhotoScan by Google Photos is an app that allows users to scan and save their favourite printed photos using their phone’s camera. It allows users to create an enhanced digital scan with easy step-by-step capture flow. PhotoScan allows for automatic cropping based on edge detection. The app prompts the user to hover their camera over four circles arranged in a rectangle. After each circle is analysed by the app, it uses algorithms to combine the four images and remove any glares. The result is a picture perfect scanned image.


Go ahead and let us know one cool app for iPhone you think we should try down in the comments below.



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