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5 MUST have Free Apps for Android in 2018


5 MUST have Free Apps for Android in 2018

It is safe to say that for the past few years our smartphones have become as integral to our everyday life, as are our shoes. Ok, so maybe shoes may be way more important than smartphones, especially when geographical location is considered. However, this doesn’t take away from the huge roles that our phones play in our lives daily. Apart from the obvious use of making and receiving calls, we use our smartphones to send and receive texts, emails; to capture photos and videos, and mostly for social media. Due to this heavy use, many individuals and organisations have found employment in creating apps (Applications) specifically for smartphones. Today, there are millions of apps which improve our daily tasks in some way or another. Here, we have compiled a list of 5 of the MUST have Free apps for Android of 2018. Here they are:


MUST Have Apps for Android


1.    TurboVPN

 Turbo VPN Logo


This is one of the many Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications available in the playstore today. The cool thing about it is that at the time of writing, it is still free to download. VPNs act as a proxy, making it possible to access information that may be otherwise restricted due to country of residence. They are also used to protect network traffic when connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. VPNs are legal to use in many countries, as long as they aren’t used for illegal activities. We recommend installing this app, especially when attempting to download most of the apps we have listed here.


2.    Haystack Digital Business Card

Haystack photo


Haystack is perfect for you if you attend business mixers and other networking events regularly. It is a digital storage location for business cards, with lots of added features. After someone hands you a business card, open up the app and easily scan the card. In addition to keeping an image of the card, it will pull up crucial information such as the phone numbers, email address, and website, and automatically create a new contact for that individual/business. Haystack also allows for the creation of digital business cards which can be shared via text, email, NFC and social media. The recipient doesn’t need to install the app to receive the information.



3.    Lynx Privacy

Lynx Logo


Lynx Privacy is an app specially tailored for individuals who are big on privacy. It is designed to safely store all private photos and videos. These can then be password-protected and automatically synced to a 5GB free cloud space. If your phone is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, you may utilize a fingerprint instead of the pin and add security. Also cool is the ability to quickly share items or set a fake pin to allow access to a fake/dummy lynx storage folder, where you keep only regular photos and videos. Lastly, the app has an intruder alert feature, which allows it to automatically take a picture of anyone who entered an incorrect pin code.


4.    Mirror Lab

Mirror Labs


Mirror Lab is a fun and easy to use photo editing app. It enhances pictures by making mirror photos, kaleidoscope images, and makes it possible to distort faces and scenery. This is perfect for Instagram users who enjoy making use of the various filters but are interested in new ones which would make them stand out. Ripples, whirls, triangulations, shape cutouts and more, are all available for use.


5.    Google Keep

Google Keep


Last but not least is the always handy servant, Google Keep. The simplicity of this app sometimes underplays its usefulness. As all Google Apps, users sign in with their Gmail accounts and are able to access it across a number of devices signed in to the same account. Keep allows users to create notes and lists, set time and place reminders, and check off completed tasks. It allows users to collaborate on notes and accomplish things together. Users may also add photos or dictate their thoughts. It is a great way to note thoughts and ideas, without losing focus and becoming distracted.



Check out our article on another cool app, Swiftkey.


Of course, this is nowhere close the best representation of all the cool apps present in the playstore today. Go ahead and let us know one cool app you think we should try down in the comments below.

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